last day…of school (2012)

Yes! Only one more day of school and then we’re off on Christmas vacation (cue Holiday Roa….d).   I got the cards mailed out yesterday morning morning and last night bottled up what’s left of the infused bourbon…



Casey worked a double-shift last night, protecting our highways from the Big Wind that is whooooshing around these parts.  He spent Wednesday evening painting the bed he built for Emma’s American Girl Dolls…


This project started out as a Christmas present, but is now a Birthday present.  Worth waiting for, doncha think?

We’re headed over to Olivia’s PreSchool Christmas program this morning, then it’s on to PH for the festivities.  It’s looking like a very merry Christmas is on its way..!

fooled again…

he does it every year, that rascally husband of mine…he surprises me with a gift when we’d AGREED to not…

after olivia had opened her presents, there suddenly appeared a carefully wrapped box, from gpa to gma…i ripped off the paper while berating him for surprising me AGAIN…at first i thought it was the shoes i’d left in NYC, but that would have taken some conspiring.  he said he’d bought it 2-3 months ago… what could it be???


he’d been tagging along with me at riverside antique mall several months back and he spotted these beautiful Mr&Mrs.  he went back and bought them a couple of days later…  he can keep a secret, this guy.!


Christmas with the Jrs.

It’s a different kind of Christmas we’re having this year.   Jessica’s brother lives in WY and he, his wife, and their son alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas between Evansville and his wife’s hometown; this year they’ll be here for Christmas.  Being the reasonable in-laws that we are, we grabbed our Thanksgiving in NYC and will let Jess’s family have their time together uninterrupted and unpressured.  (it is the first time Olivia gets to meet her cousin Aaron).

So we celebrated today with Mikey and his family.  Of course, we began with church and the Children’s program (that rocked).  I had a roast in the crockpot and we smashed some taters,  warmed up some green beans, and baked some crescent rolls…


then we opened some presents..!



there is one present remaining to open on Tuesday when she’ll be here for a sleepover, but the movie, leapster game, and Angry Birds catapulting game seemed to be just what she wanted…


children’s christmas service, 2012

no matter how many times i help with the children’s programs, i never get tired of it.  this year’s rendition went off beautifully, thanks to the lovely, smart, talented children at Concordia LCMS…



008the above pictures were taken during rehearsal; however, one child was not present.  i took this next one during the service so that i had one of the entire group…





numbers can really ruin a good time…weight, age, IQ… i think we could get along just fine without ever knowing those 3 numbers.  then there is counting…money, days, tasks on the list… numbers making us crazy or calm…  i like numbers that are evenly divisible by 3, so i feel very peaceful today, but for some reason the kids at school were constantly talking about the “end of the world”…you know, that last day that’s going to be 12/21/12?  even when i jollied them about it, they were all being pretty dramatic.  when i asked one kid just how the mayan calendar said the world would end, the answer was an eye-rolling  “how am i supposed to know?”

somehow i really can’t seem to give a damn.

this week is going quickly and i’ve little to show for it… woke up with another painful abscessed tooth on tuesday about 2am;  took too much hydrocodone, but hey, it hurt.  kind dr. s wrote me a Rx for an antibiotic, so i’m back to just ibuprofen pain.    i did manage to get down to backstage for some 50cent beer as an adjunct in my pain control…

i’m working on the cards and thinking of my friends and family, warm here by the fire…  it will be a verry busy week-end…


countdown to christmas…


isn’t santa great in skinny jeans..?  and they are animated..!  mrs. claus’s candle is so bright that i can’t get a decent picture of them in the dark,..  i love them, and all of the couples in the collection.

i had planned on finishing up the christmas tasks this week-end, but i was struck by a GI bug…again.  i’ve been in my jammies all day after spending the wee hours of this morning making gross sounds and emitting…TMI, you say?   anyway, there’s not much left to be done:  cards, wrapping, a few gift cards, and oila!     ‘

i’m still not sure who will get the best gifts of all:  infused bourbon…i’ve made a quart of apple-cinnamon-nutmeg and a quart of orange-cranberry-clove:


this ought to be great…you let them sit for 4 days, then shake them up, strain them, and add some simple syrup.  i’ve got some cute bottles for them and i’m going to design some clever labels.  i must have some for myself, of course, though right now my stomach is rebelling at the thought.

stay healthy…!