Christmas Cards

I just got the Christmas cards mailed out.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably not on the ever-shrinking List.

Funny how the Christmas card went out of style.   Thanks to social media, we have every chance to wish our friends a merry season without the Work of signing, addressing, and mailing.  I miss getting cards, but I’m quite happy that my list has been whittled down to Old Relatives and People-who-send-me-a-card.

I spent the last hour or so down the rabbit hole of googling animated christmas cards, leading to watching Youtube Christmas videos, and trying to decide which of my options would best express what I want to tell you in a bloggy christmas card.  The Charlie Brown videos are a whole other blog post; Jibjab cards cost actual money;  the greeting cards were especially corny.

So I decided to let Steve Martin express my *Holiday wishes for you…(well, sorta for you, kinda for Me)…

*for you young’uns who are of an inappropriate age to be viewing this video, I think he meant to say “origami”


December 4, 2016 – A Week-end Wrap-up

Well, the week-end didn’t go as I had planned, but there was too much good to complain.  We did drive up to New Harmony on Saturday to enjoy the festivities there.

We always start down at The Mews, where the table is spread with superlative goodies…


The crowds were very crowdy and this turned out to be our lunch!  There was a wine-tasting going on in the back, with generous pours,  delicious meatballs in a crockpot,  and plenty of fruits and vegetables, so it was probably healthier than what I would have had at the Yellow or Sara’s if I’d been able to get a seat.

We stopped in a couple of shops as we strolled down to the gym, admiring the storefronts on our way…


The gym was bright with crafty decorations…

My old friends, Shade Tree Players, provided the music…


We got back home and worked outdoors, getting the last of the leaves cleaned up before the rain, then put out our outdoor decorations.

Today is the second Sunday in Advent, the day we light the Peace Candle on our wreath…


21 more days till Christmas!

December 2, 2016

Up and at ’em, kids!  It’s time to sparkle through a fun-filled week-end.  This one is jam-packed with holiday events:  Christmas in New Harmony, complete with an Appalachian Music Concert at Thrall Opera House, is on our agenda for Saturday.  On Sunday, I’d like to check out the  Evansville Historical Homes Tour.  What do you have planned?

In the meantime, there’s the lists–baking list, card list, gift list, and don’t forget the usual To-Do list that never ends.

And did I mention I’ve started the Mediterranean Diet?  Well, I started the red wine part, anyway….


Enjoy your week-end!  It would be great to catch a glimpse of you at any of the above events, so I’ll be on the look-out…