A Lovely Day in Autumn

I take Olivia to piano lessons every Saturday and her little sister always wants to tag along, which is fine with us.  We go various places for lunch afterward and today we went to the mall. The Christmas decorations are not up yet (thank-you-very-much) but a seasonal toy store has popped up and the the kids were like…uh, kids in a toystore??

This picture was taken at Justice, not a toystore, but filled with goodies…

Back home, the sun shining on the trees beckoned us to walk down the path…  We call our woods Solla Sollew and our little ditch is the River Wahoo.  The dropping temps did quick work of coloring the leaves, but the rains cut short their stay on the branches.  Now they have have covered the path with a mosaic of orange, yellow, and red while the green still peeps out from beneath.

I walk in wonder at the beauty of Autumn.

Don’t forget to change your clocks back tonight…What a delusional idea daylight savings time is…As if we are adding or taking away or moving hours…   I’ve worked third shift on the transition night and I assure you that the hour that is added is an hour, but the hour you take away is not.  Just make all your hours golden and you’re good…



the stroll before the storm

It’s too hot for November…a cold front is predicted to clash with this heat and mix up some storms tonight.  Already the wind is blowing the leaves off of the trees like golden orange snow.  Setting the time back meant that we were up early this morning without any effort at all, so we headed over to the Audubon Wetlands trails to scrunch through the leaves and see if we spotted any wildlife.  We didn’t, but it was a fine walk…