Mid-Week Missive

As soon as we’d unpacked from our Disney Celebration, we began to decorate the house and grounds for Christmas. We are quarantining for 10 days, keeping busy preparing the tree for Olivia and Samantha to decorate this week-end.

Bringing down the Christmas decorations is like Archaeology, the deeper levels going back to My childhood in the 50s and 60s, followed by my children’s childhood in the 70s and 80s, culminating in the 21st century additions from the grandies. We have tons of string lights–white, icicles, multi-colored — and no matter how many times we check them, some will whimsically go dark after they’ve been arranged on the tree; so I’m off to buy some new strands this morning.

Our new neighbors, the tree-killers, have lit up their house with bright white, triggering our inner Competitor. Our icicle lights produce about 50,000 Lux, illuminating the front garden in cold white, and we haven’t used them in several years. They will overwhelm the paltry lights of the rest of the neighbors…hahaha >evil laugh<…and Casey is using the fair weather to hang them All Around the Homeplace.

Inside, I’m still working on the Disney Pictures. Here’s what I’ve got for you…

We’re still feeling the Magic from the Trip…

Hope you’re feeling Christmas-y…


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Missive

  1. Fun times! We have no street lights and no near neighbors, so no competition for us. Every year, we look at our plug-and-play doorway lights and think, maybe not. But we always drag them up from the basement. Hoping you’ll give us some night photos of your lit-up place. Blessings.

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