Weekly Wrap-up

The week went from perfectly sunny and warm to perfectly gloomy and cool…

We took advantage of the great weather and got the veggie gardens in; read all about it Here…

I’m still working on the Ancestry, probably will be forever, it seems.  Just when I think I’ve got something finished, I discover a new clue and have to start over.  That’s the fun of it, but it’s also the frustration.

I’m meeting up with some friends for lunch and then we’re off to see “Twelfth Night” at University of Evansville Theatre.  Shakespeare’s comedies are a hoot once you get the rhythm of the 17th century language, and UE actors are always superb.  We’re proud of our hometown Actor of Great Repute, Rami Malek, who is a UE Theatre alumni.  I must have seen him perform, but don’t remember noticing, and that’s just how good these Theatre kids are…

++this video was muted when I linked it and I don’t have time to fix it.  Please unmute it before you watch it.  It’s really cute++


I’m still snotty and hoping that I can make it through the performance without annoying the entire theatre blowing my nose or clearing my throat.

We’ll be celebrating Derby Week with our usual aplomb.  The prep races have concluded and the field is set.  It’s time for me to totally confuse myself with odds and colors and names and trainers and owners and All Things Thoroughbred…   Olivia’s music recital is on Derby Day again this year, so the day will be Full.  I Love watching the fillies run in the Oaks on Friday, too, so there’s another bunch of numbers and names to comb through.

Horses can fly…


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