Postcard from the road…

We stayed at Wickham Park campground in Melbourne, FL for eight days, five of them covered in charcoal clouds and windy cold rain.  The last three have been perfect Florida weather, though.

We went straight over to see Aunt Shirley on Saturday and on Sunday Cousin Kim had a little soiree’ at her house.

L-R Me, Aunt Shirley, Shianne, Kim, and Jonathan…

Wickham Park is a beautiful place with miles of walking.  Our campsite, however, happens to be shitty, right next to a fulltimer who is spread out like backwater.  The wi-fi is non-existent. I burnt through all the data on my phone while we were stuck inside the trailer during those stormy days, in addition to reading three books…

When we could finally get out and about we made the most of it with a drive to Sebastian Inlet State Park.

We visited Melbourne Beach…

(We spent more time with Kim and Aunt Shirley, too, but I didn’t take any pictures!!! )

Today we are checking into Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground at noon.  The Jrs will be arriving at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort around the same time.  The New Yorkers will be fashionably late this evening, staying at Saratoga Springs.  We have a week of festivities planned and all of the kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement, especially JoJo.  It’s the first time the Entire Family All Together has done Disney since 2015!!

There will be pictures…and wi-fi Everywhere…



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