Ghosts of birthdays Past — 2012

 I have always thought that the -9’s are the toughest: 39, facing 40; 49, facing 50…etc.  This blog, from my 59th birthday, when I should have been singing the bridge song, I was bummed to the core.  I had just noticed that decades were only lasting about, oh a year, maybe two…

First posted February 23, 2012 


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nothin’ to it, ya know?  add just one (1) and what’s the difference…really?  i’ve been doin’ it for years now…one more and grateful for it…glad to have my health…there’s a little bitta sag goin’ on, but i look goood for my age…lotsa people would want to be in my shape (so they tell me at walmart, driving the little scooters)…wouldn’t change a thing…glad to be so Wise…doesn’t Bother me AT ALL…


5 thoughts on “Ghosts of birthdays Past — 2012

  1. Sophie Martel

    Happy Birthday from up North! Whish I get to see you all again soon…. I’m so happy to read your posts and have news from you. Feels kinda like I was somehow nearer…. However, you stay in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love you XXXXX


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    1. Thanks for being such a faithful reader, dear Sophie! I wish the North wasn’t so cold! I would love to hear News from you! I always think of you with Love and that shortens any distance. Love you, too… xoxoxo


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