Weekly Wrap-up

What a full week!  Last Sunday Michael got called out to work from 3pm to 7am clearing the roads during a little snow-spurt we had.  Jessica had left for Wabash, IN where she would be working until Wednesday, so Olivia and Samantha came over for a sleepover.  They were able to sled down the Great Sonnystone Mountain both days.  Little one (with her sock mittens) had to be pulled up the hill and Grandpa was worn out…

We had 2 Birthdays this week!  Eliza is now 8 years old!!  Emma is, gulp, 13!!

I started working on my Ancestry in earnest, starting with a Prologue to my new blog, All My Ancestors… I don’t have a schedule for posting over there, but I will let you know here at The News when I do.

Casey put down new flooring in the bathroom.  I didn’t take a before and after picture — did I hear you say, too quickly, that’s okay?  It looks great and is much warmer.

Then, out of the blue, just a couple of hours ago, I found the draft of Grandmother’s story!!!  I won’t even get into where I found it, but it is there, all 3,242 words of it!  I read it over in disbelief!  However….

As I’ve been poking around the family tree, I found out more about Grandmother Mayne that may or may not disprove my theory of her “lost years”.  No matter…it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been pretty faithful to my photo-a-day project over at Photo Synthesis, too.  If you’re sitting around trying to stay warm reading blogs, you should check it out…  I’m just sitting around trying to stay warm writing them..!




4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up

  1. How exciting to research your family. On my mom’s side, our family history’s been documented by others and I have a paternal cousin who beat us to the punch on my dad’s. But I spent many happy hours one summer tracing Jim’s family back to a glass blower in Germany, who emigrated to America before the Revolutionary War. Enjoy!


  2. Hello Jo, thanks for your comment on my thetwodoctors blog, I have replied. I headed over to your ancestry blog, vignettes ……. not named “my ancestry…”? Anyway, first general comment, I’ve followed it, but you don’t seem to have comments or likes or reblog switched on from your settings, is this deliberate? Next, interesting you’ve got back to England, I’m guessing from the names Vicar of Budworth and Lord Eaton these ancestors were from Cheshire near the Roman and Medieval city of Chester? I lived in Chester pre university in the 60s and had a group of friends with whom our side hobby was all things history about the fabulous city of Chester! Then after university and marriage we raised our kids early days living in Middlewich right between Little Budworth and Great Budworth. You can see all these places including Eaton Hall on Google maps. I’m in reverse to you, in a way, some of my mining ancestors emigrated to the US in the 1800s but I haven’t started on the US links yet.
    I use Ancestry.com too and the same as you blasted backwards as fast and as far as I could get but find myself deluged in hints …. currently 410 outstanding! Now like you I’ve restarted just on my mothers line and am going back slowly, verifying and noting detail plus bits of history from that particular time.
    I’ve also just bought Family Tree Maker from softwareMacKiev which syncs with Ancestry. It’s a better interface and allows you to store everything on your laptop and backed up for ever anywhere on your hard drive or in the cloud.
    Anyway, enough for now …. talking too much!

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    1. No, Not too much! I am an Anglophile since age 10, studied up on British history, preparing for that moment when I was sure I would marry Prince Charles—but that’s another story– and so is the geography. Thank heaven for Google Maps (and Camilla). About the “second” blog: it is actually my 4th blog: there’s sonnystone, growing every season (a seasonal gardening blog) and Rave on, Madwoman, currently Photo Synthesis. I don’t care about followers or likes either, and I find new blogs are very private if you don’t publicize them. Thank-you for the tip, though, as I didn’t mean to leave off comments!

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