Looking Forward…

My Goals are set, but they are not Lofty:  Write, Read, Walk, Travel, Blog, Join, and Play.

I am inspired by this poem by Dana Gioia, Buy his book, 99 Poems, here…   He is Poet Laureate of California — Did you know there was a Poet Laureate of California?  Well, there is and he is it.  His Imagery is Esquisite…

New Year’s
by Dana Gioia

Let other mornings honor the miraculous.
Eternity has festivals enough.
This is the feast of our mortality,
The most mundane and human holiday.

On other days we misinterpret time,
Pretending that we live the present moment.
But can this blur, this smudgy in-between,
This tiny fissure where the future drips

Into the past, this flyspeck we call now
Be our true habitat? The present is
The leaky palm of water that we skim
From the swift, silent river slipping by.

The new year always brings us what we want
Simply by bringing us along—to see
A calendar with every day uncrossed,
A field of snow without a single footprint.

“New Year’s” by Dana Gioia.


We’re eating Skippin’ Jenny, which is actually leftover Hoppin’ John, and Casey’s painting the bathroom.  I’m going to (finally) sign up for the 2-week trial of My Heritage.  Casey got me a bath scale — !!A Bath Scale!! — for Christmas and I finally stepped on it this morning.  I haven’t weighed in since last June when the old scale broke down.  Today’s number was distressing, but not surprising, underscoring that good old “walk” intention.

As always, I thank you all for reading this drivel.

Here’s to the New Year 2019!

May it be filled to overflowing with

Peace and Love…

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