Looking Back…

Another year done gone…

No matter how well you’ve left the Past behind, Christmas to New Year’s Day will bring the Ghosts back.  We remember the Christmases when we were kids, when our kids were kids, when our kids’ kids were kids…  We remember the Disastrous, the Magical, and forget the mundane…  We count our years and our lbs. and compare them with Other Celebrations…   We Wonder just how we got this Old…

And we tell ourselves what a Great Life we’re Living.  We look through our pictures and reassure ourselves that we are Still Going Strong…

I’m ready to put 2018 to bed now, sending it out with Hoppin’ John and Old Crow.  We’re planning on starting the festivities on London Time, about 5pm here at Sonnystone, so I’ve got to get…

But should Old acquaintances be forgot and never brought to mind?  I think not.

For Old Time’s Sake, I’ll drink a cup of Kindness to You!  And another to You…and You…*


*You know who You are…

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