Scenes from the week-end

We danced through Thanksgiving…

Friday we brought Everything Christmas down from the attic, raising dust, destroying cobwebs and sneezing.  We had made a fair dent in the decorating on Friday, but stopped Saturday to see a matinee of Ralph breaks the Internet with the Jrs.  We returned to our mess that evening and again this morning.  We have vacuumed up so much cat hair that I’m ashamed, but it’s pretty much done except for the tree…and maybe more Mr&Mrs Clauses….possibly some new pillows…

Now my week is free to catch up with my hair and nails and shopping.  I am closing in on my Reading Goal for 2018, too.  I’ve had to get my Grandmother story out of my mind and on paper, or air, or wherever these words go, before I can go on with the genealogy project and I’m getting verrry close to finishing.

I can’t get a good picture of our new wreath yet, but here’s a bad picture……use your imagination as your filter…



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