Family Tree Intrigue

Back in 2003 my cousin sent me this clipping from the Grayville newspaper…just above it says

102 years ago today, April 16

It was 1901.  Ben L. Mayne, the handsome county clerk, was my great-grandfather and the pretty Miss Kinkade was my great-grandmother.  I had heard the story that they’d gotten married on a train, and I thought it sounded so romantic, but I thought they were actually traveling somewhere like St. Louis or at least Evansville…  Reading this, it sounds a little rushed, wouldn’t you say?  Odd that a Rev. was along, but they had to have the conductor and the brakeman witness it.   Don’t forget, Grandad was the county clerk, so they didn’t have to wait on a marriage license.  And where did they go?  Did they just get off the train in Grayville and grab another one back?

When I began to sort through old Mayne family archives, I came across a marriage certificate..

This is the official record, note that Grandad is the witness.   attached to it is a document from 1948…

Notice that the witnesses are the same conductor Neiman that the newspaper article mentioned, but instead of brakeman Trott is Mrs G.W Hall.  (This habit of women being Mrs. Husband Name is a pain.)  At first I had no idea who Mrs. G.W. was, but I am pretty sure it was Grandmother’s aunt Isabella.

I wonder why they were getting the marriage certificate certified again in 1948…

Anyway, this whole wedding-on-the-train sounds a bit shady to me.  My great-aunt Bernie once told me that her brother had been born “9 months to the day after Dad and Mother got married”.  Small town folks probably did their math, like me, and noted that the baby actually came a couple of weeks early and I’ll bet she heard about it…

Several years back I started writing a book about Grandmother’s life and the research is more fun than actually writing it.  We were told she was a concert pianist, not true; that her family was poor, not true.  But I’ll save that story for another time…

My daughter-in-law is having surgery tomorrow, so I’m stepping up to help with the kids for the couple of days.  I’ll catch up with you when I can.



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