The Garden is Back !!

I was only going to put out some more green beans, but I didn’t have very many left, so I set out for the co-op to purchase some.  Whilst there, I was romanced by the green growing in 6-packs out front…enticed by the oregon sugar pod pea-seeds inside and gave up without a fight.  I bought a half-pound of blue lake bush beans, an 1/8 lb of the peas, 6 each of broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, along with 6 swiss chard for pretty.  I put the peas around cages, something new for me, and planted 3 12-foot rows of beans along with a small bed of beets and radishes.  I’ll get the spinach in later, maybe…



I got them all in the ground just in time for a full day of rain !!   Yes, you read that correctly:  it rained All Day on Thursday!!  What treat it was to have the high temperature only 69 and enough water to green everything up again.  We are back to summer now and the moisture is all sweat, but I’m okay with that, too.  So are the plants.

Speaking of treats, Trump is visiting our burg this week.  I am in a quandary…should I leave town and put up the force-field around the Acres so no residual cooties can seep in?  Should I get out my Great sign and join the local protesters?  Should I get some press credentials for The News and try to meet Bob Acosta?  I’m kinda leaning toward the latter, but still considering options…   Ideas?  I have heard that there are “outside” groups that will be protesting, and I admit I’m a little scared that our local Trumpers will get nasty with them.  This area is Wayyy Trumpy, I must tell you, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the local churches have their services there so they can get close to their Idol.  However, our local felons love him also, and much prefer the 2nd amendment to the first…  Still, Bob Acosta…

We took a walk down the path to the Thoughtful spot this morning.  It’s always changing down there…trees and limbs fall willy-nilly, landing where they will, and each morning the sunshine dapples the leaves…

The Thoughtful Spot




One thought on “The Garden is Back !!

  1. Good luck with the fall garden. They’re predicting rain every day next week, so we’re bound to get some. And so will you! And cooler temps on the way. As for 45’s visit, stay away is my advice. Of course, I’m trumped out…

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