The sun returned yesterday, revealing a layer of dust covering the Sonnystone interiors.  I have to keep my eyes on the screen to avoid pangs of guilt, but I’m going to ignore it and go play outside.

Successful Rummage Sale-ing yesterday…

Drum and Rain Stick — $4

!!! Complete, hardly-used Disney Trivia game!!!   $1

The best yet…we spotted this little ensemble sitting at the curb with a sign reading “free”… uh-huh, into the sedan it went.  I need some cushions and a little touch-up of the table, but doesn’t it look snazzy?  Did I mention Free?

The rains have been tough on the pool, but my pool-boy is preparing it for my barge…

Oldest grandie, Emma, will be participating in the Irish Dance National Competition on the 4th of July in Orlando.  We are taking Olivia along to meet up with the entire Jose’ clan and spend a couple of days at  Disney World.  I mean, we’re there, right?  No way we’ll pass up a chance to ride the new Slinky Dog Dash and Space Saucers.  Melissa, Emma, and Eliza will then ride back to Eville with us.

We’ve made a first draft of plans for Camp Sonnystone 2018, coming up July 9-14 with closing ceremonies the 15th.  There are going to be some exciting new additions to our usual Fun.  You will definitely want to stay tuned…in fact, you might want to come and visit!

Uh-oh, just saw the dust again…gotta get outside…