Week-End Wrap-Up

I am in a cycle of griping about the weather and have begged for a week now to go back down where it’s warm and sunny.  I can assure you that next year we will not return until mid-April.  We’ve had to re-winterize the trailer (pull batteries and add anti-freeze) and that just exacerbated my grouchiness.

In an effort to lighten up, I bought two budding hyacinths and their sweet aroma wafting through the house has certainly helped.


My African violets are blooming again,


and my orchid looks happy…

I bought a new bonsai at Epcot and it’s feeling quite at home.

I Know that there is a happy ending to all of this, and that it’s sooner than later that I’ll be outside in the garden…  I could be cleaning the house, I suppose, but I’m going to follow the guidance of my Guru Margo: do some reading and catch up on my Goodreads goals; watch some Netflix (learning to speak in a scots accent by Shetland); and just Relax…


4 thoughts on “Week-End Wrap-Up

  1. Gorgeous flower, hyacinths and orchids both. Thrips got my African violets, so I’m taking a break from indoor plants. On another topic, wish I could figure out HOW you like my new blog because I can’t find a LIKE button anywhere. I’m about ready to hire a WP guru. Hope this next week is warmer and sunny. We need spring!


    1. Thanks! I Love your new blog! I’m kinda jealous that you can make the transition so smoothly! I just clicked over to look, and the like buttons are right there. Not sure what theme you are using, but I rather enjoy playing with them, even though I seldom change. Have you ever taken any WP Blogging University courses? They can be helpful. Yes! Bring on Spring!

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