Epcot Flower & Garden photos

I’ve got a few pictures of the Flower and Garden Show at Epcot to share.  You’ve probably seen pictures of their beautiful topiaries…

but the abundance of blooms fills the park…

I am really inspired by this garden in particular…

It sorta bums me that I didn’t stay down south longer, but spring is capricious Everywhere, and besides, I missed my Eville grandies.  We got together on Friday and played Easter Egg hunt in the house, filling our plastic eggs with chocolate kisses.

My ass-pain is back…   Last time, I blamed my hip, remember?  Well, a hip x-ray showed only minimal arthritis.  I had slipped on ice back in 2014, landing on my gluteus maximus, which was actually pretty maxim-ous at the time. A couple of weeks later, I traveled to NYC and was in Severe Pain… Ever since then, the piriformis, a muscle deep under the glutes, has tended to spasm whimsically.  Last November I knew there was some piriformis involvement, but missed that it was the catalyst.  Sunday we were walking in the woods, uphill and down, and it is irritated again.  This time, I’m right on it with ice and NSAID’s, and an appt. with the doctor on Wednesday if things don’t clear up.

With the weather so shitty, I guess it’s as good a time as any to be laying around…



4 thoughts on “Epcot Flower & Garden photos

  1. Gorgeous flowers and photos. Here, it’s dreary and rainy and cold, and my daffodils froze overnight. So sorry about your pain. My dog Juno tripped me last August, and I’ve had persistent knee pain ever since, making it hard to get around. So I relate and empathize!


  2. Kyla Spaulding

    I just went to Epcot too! I took some pictures and put them on my blog, but I hope to go back with a real camera instead of just my phone. I wasn’t able to see everything so I want to see more.


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