Here and gone…

It’s been a nice stay here at Quail Roost.  It feels like we have driven into Springtime, with the weather rather whimisical and windy, temps down to 40 and up to 77, but mostly upper 60’s.

We waited so long to make reservations that we didn’t have a lot of choices.   Catering to “active seniors”, QR has a nice, heated pool, regular bingo and line-dancing, as well as a wii-bowling league…   It’s in the country, you could say, about 7 miles from Crystal River right off a busy highway.  We were placed out near the road– and it was a Loud Road–under some trees and without neighbors on 2 sides.  We did spot some active seniors playing shuffleboard and walking their dogs, but no one did more than wave.  >sigh of relief<

We visited Crystal River Preserve State Park a couple of times, taking different trails.  They are just my style: 2-3 miles and level!  It has taken me a while to appreciate the scrubby Florida landscape, and I still don’t like having to be on alligator watch, but these were some nice trails…

Right next door to the trail park is the Crystal River Archaeological SP, and it is a gem.  A Native American Pre-Columbian Ceremonial Mound Complex, it is so peaceful and the ground feels quite sacred… We walked the 50 steps to the top of the Temple Mound and could imagine the rituals performed there as the People watched from the Plaza.  I believe it was some sort of ancestor worship, but am interested in learning more about these people who lived here until about 600 AD.

There is even a little beach, part of the State Park…

Of course, the big draw is the manatees…  We took the trolley from City Hall to Three Sisters Springs and saw over 100 of the sea cows.  They were resting, spooning just under the water and coming up for breath at odd intervals.  Three Sisters is also beautiful and a lovely walk…  (the trolley also made stops at various local markets and shops.)

I did some cooking on my new grill and we ate out a couple of times.  We had one rainy day, so we did laundry and cleaned the trailer.  It’s been so relaxing…

Today we’re hitching up and setting out for the Other Coast to visit some beaches and family.  The “resort” where we will be staying is another that caters to the active seniors, but we’re more interested in one that caters to the Inactive Seniors…


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