Where we’ve been…so far

We spent Monday and Tuesday at Presnell’s Bayside Marina and RV Resort in Port Saint Joe, FL.  Our site faced due west over St. Joseph Bay, with Cape San Blas and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park providing a lovely border for a beautiful sunset…

We drove over to the state park the next day and walked the beach…

…then made it into town for some good grub at Indian Pass Uptown Raw Bar and Grill just as it started to rain…

It proceeded to blow and rain all afternoon…but there was a little clearing just before sunset…

I really loved the view over the water, but the winds were fierce that night and I got a little, er, scared that the camper was going to blow away… It could happen, you know…

It was still blowing pretty strong the next morning when we hooked back up, but calmed down as we drove down scenic highway US 98 to where we are now at Quail Roost RV Park in Citrus Springs.  It’s chilly, but that means the manatees will be coming into the springs in abundance!  I’ll let you know.



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