The Gettin’ Ready Rag

That’s us, gettin’ ready for the Sunday departure.  Lists, Lists, trips to the trailer laden with supplies, mark it off the list, make a new list…  Then we stop and dance…  We got new haircuts, new shoes, and don’t forget the new grill!  Then we stop and dance…

When planning for a long trip, it’s Really Difficult to Be Present.  I’ve been watching the weather at our destinations and it’s gone from sunny to rainy, though temps are about what we expected.  I was hit with an attack of self-doubt, like oh, no!  Rain! Bad Planner!  Well, watcha gonna do about it, I say?  I’ve got a raincoat, an umbrella and even some boots, if needed.  And I’ve never watched it rain on the ocean, so that will be a new view from the camper window.

And that, fellow trippers, is what it’s about:   Looking out of a different window, seeing something new, and being There in the Here and Now!

In the meantime, It’s just a typical Friday at Sonnystone–Samantha at noon and Olivia at 3:15, then off to piano lessons.   Olivia’s Girl Scout Troop is selling cookies at Shoe Carnival if you’re in the market.  They’ll be there from 5-8 or so.

The Sun is shining brightly and our daffodil buds are bursting into dazzling yellow.  Rain is good, though the last few weeks have been a little too waterlogged, even up here on the hill.  Looks like all of the roses are going to make it, which pleases me immensely.  That’s here, now.



2 thoughts on “The Gettin’ Ready Rag

  1. Sophie M Martel

    DAFFODIL BUDS””””REALLY???!!!! Still having snow up to the roof of the house here! (Well, maybe not that high but still more than five feet high in front of the house! Enjoy the sun and please tell him I miss it very much! (But not as much as I do miss you all! Have a safe trip! XXX

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