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In 2017, Summer at Sonnystone on August 28, 2017 at 2:43 pm

It was a great success…and fun, too!  The after pictures look like we didn’t sell much, but we did.  The leftovers get spread out by the end of the day…  My attic is soo much lighter now…

Liv and Samantha made a nice bit of cash with their lemonade stand.  They were fascinated by pulling off the shells of the buckeyes in the yard (we have 2 buckeye trees) and Casey told them they were lucky, so Livvy was inspired to put a price on them!  Quite the entrepreneur…

I felt a little sad about selling my albums, but I own all/most of them on CD and I am just too lazy to get up and change a record all the time.  About 3/4 of them were sold, but it’s a little interesting to see what people Didn’t buy…all of my Dan Fogelberg and Kenny Loggins albums are still here, as well as Steve Winwood and Derek and the Dominoes, and some Allman Bros…and Pablo Cruise…

I kept Grateful Dead Europe 72…just because…


99% solar eclipse

In 2017 on August 21, 2017 at 8:46 pm

I wasn’t too awfully taken in with the Solar Eclipse phenom, but since we’re located so close to the action (81 miles to Hopkinsville, KY and 99 miles to Carbondale, IL) it has been the talk of the town.  People flocked to the areas of totality, and it looked to me like they had an Awesome experience.  Eville was to be 99% and I figured that would be good enough.  My son and his co-workers at the Hwy Department worked special hours today, driving to the roads to corral the hordes of folks expected to line the shoulders to see the eclipse.  They were warned that animals would be freaking out in the daytime-darkness and that bats would come out.

Well, what a surprise…  I went down to get my nails done and Kim, my manicurist, had some solar glasses.  I was the only customer and we all went outside and took turns using the glasses.

It was way cool…but…it did not get dark.  It was a little like having sunglasses on, and it felt a bit eerie, but the shadows remained strong.  I’m like…what?   There was just a sliver, a small rim of the sun still showing, but 1% was enough to cast a strong shadow.  Amazing.  That Sun is one helluva star… (No, the animals were cool with the event, and no crowds were lining the sides of the highway.)

I’ve been pulled away to help my cousin with his elderly dad and I’ve made a half-dozen trips to Grayville and back, all of which started After we had already made a mess pulling stuff out of the attic for the rummage sale.  In addition, we’re getting Olivia to and from school and watching Samantha on T-W-and part of Th.  The sale is this Saturday and the weather is supposed to be good.

I have to admit, kids, that the constant barrage of shit from Washington is making me sick and tired.  I try to ignore it, but I just can’t!  Just when things seem to calm down, another catastrophe occurs.  I’m trying to stay positive, but It’s Really Bumming me out…  I’m not writing much because I can’t act like I’m not moved and upset, but I don’t think I write very well about it.  I wish I could.

Anyway, I’ll see you at the rummage sale this week-end…I’m selling my old albums and a record player (that works)…you know you need you some vintage vinyl…



Yikes! The Trees!

In 2017, Summer at Sonnystone, updates on August 11, 2017 at 9:42 am

Helllp!  I meant to get out of here and run chores all day while the tree-guys did their thing.  Up early, I got lazy…

They showed up in a gaggle and are out there putting all kinds of raucous motors to work.  I hate this.  But I’m awfully glad to get the dang thing down.  It has fallen a few feet every day, accompanied by the sinister snap, crack, and popp…  We were relaxed as cats out in the pool yesterday, when the swoosh and thwack of another fall sent us scurrying inside.  A bit of the branches are already on the wires, and we could just imagine ourselves fried to obliteration on our rafts and Michael would finally find us in a few days and be traumatized for life…or at least that’s what I imagined.

Now I’m hemmed in by various large trailers and forced to endure the sensory overstimulation that triggers my anxiety…

Deep Breaths…Centered..Om

Soon, though, just before the storms hit this evening, I’ll have one less worry and a lot less cash.

I hope this puts us back to “normal”, but I have to confess that I started re-arranging and cleaning as soon as I got home from NYC, so the house is in temporary disarray.   Yes, it’s another mental illness of mine…  This time, I’m really going to go through and throw things out.  Seriously.  All of the glassware!  Really, am I going to have a cocktail party for 40 and serve brandy in those snifters?  Am I seriously afraid that if my mother returns she’s going to want her stuff back?  Will Grandmother Mayne be checking to see if I still have her lamps?  It takes a lot of gumption for me to part with so-called heirlooms, as I consider myself a “Keeper of the Archives”.  Still, I have way too many broken-down chairs and chipped nick-nacks and I am determined to toss the excess junk.

Dreading it, but eventually this will culminate in a rummage sale.  I’ll let you in for a presale when we’re ready, probably a couple of weeks.  You need some new chairs…  and brandy is hip…




In 2017, Summer at Sonnystone on August 1, 2017 at 9:54 am

Melissa came to visit her kids, arriving 7/17 and spending a leisurely week at Sonnystone before we (Mel, Me, O and the Ees)  took off for a couple of Feises in St. Louis the week-end of 7/22-23.    It was a great Road Trip!  In addition to enjoying the Feis, we went to the Arch, ate at Seamus McDaniel’s, and swam in the pool.  Melissa flew back to NYC from STL and the kids came back with me for one more week…***

We’re flying out of Indy today at 6pm, arriving LGA at 8pm…  It’s been a Great Visit…

I’m flying home Thursday…looking forward to writing more, though the quiet will be sad at first.  I’ll adjust…



***Shh…  The girls don’t know that the Jose’ fam has gotten a 3-bedroom apt. and Melissa and Eric have spent this “extra” week getting moved.  It all came up shortly into the visit, hence the extra time here.  They’ve done a good job of cover-up and the girls are going to be truly Surprised.  I’m so excited to see the new place!



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