From the moment that we brought home our travel trailer, I have been telling Casey that the ugly brown smeared-poop pattern material that adorned the windows and cushions had to go.  He was incredulous.  It was brand new, so how could I want to change it?  At the time, we were plenty busy with just figuring out how everything works, so I let it ride.  Ahh, the wonders of retirement.  When I mentioned it again the other day, he was very happy to pull down the cornices and curtainy things.

I recovered the dinette cushions with leftover fabric from my diner and still have some left to cover the gross pillows (later).    I’m lazy, but these were done very easily using those crooked safety pins.  We’ve used this method before and have had good luck with it.  You just wrap the cushion like a present.  Attach the pins on one side about every 6-8 inches apart, then pull taut to the other side and pin there.  I cut out some of the bulk on the ends, then folded it over in a triangle to the back.  Each one took about 45 minutes.

Other changes have been made, too, and I can hardly wait to try them out and share photos with you.  If this is Sunday, we are already at Dauphin Island, eating seafood and drinking rum.  Not sure on the wifi there, but I’ll try to stay in touch.


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