Photoblog: Orchids and Moss-Men

If I didn’t have these wonderful week-ends in February and March to volunteer at the Orchid Escape, I would curl up in a ball and hibernate for winter…

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden works with our Master Gardeners Program and Evansville Orchid Society to present an orchid display extraordinaire every winter.  Within the Zoo Grounds is Amazonia, a 20,000 square foot “greenhouse” that replicates the beauty and diversity of the South American rain forest.  Palms soar to the 45-foot tall roof and create a lush tropical setting. Howler Monkeys and Toucans welcome visitors to their treetop homes. Tapirs and other exotic creatures wait around each bend in the trail that leads past a waterfall, across a bridge, winding down to  the indoor-outdoor habitat of a pair of  jaguars. It is a perfect setting to pack in orchids of many varieties.  Many are grown there at the zoo; others have been flown in from Hawaii.  Along with some moss art, bromeliads, anthurium, and a gorgeous bird-of-paradise, it’s a great place to hang out on the week-ends.

The show opened last Saturday and I was out there on Sunday morning.  It is even More Lush this year—you Must drop by for a stroll…

The Moss-Men were so cool.  We had the paddler last year, but the birdwatcher is new…

The best show of all, of course, are the orchids themselves…

Shed your winter blahs with a stroll through Amazonia, open 7 days a week, with the Orchid Escape going through March.  I hope I see you there!


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