2017 at 5-days-old

You know I’m not perfect, nor do I have one iota of desire to be so, even though my blogs only show my good side.  Why not?  Who wants to read about my New Year’s Eve gallbladder attack (heroically faced down with magic vinegar shots and warm lemon water)?   I don’t want to whine about the $$ not being there when I planned for it, or to complain that I’m spending hours (literally) on the phone with numerous representatives of the insurance company, because ultimately these problems will all pass.  Who cares if I’m re-arranging the furniture (again) in a effort to control what I can, since I’m out of control of everything else?  You might be mildly interested to hear that Casey’s retirement=transition is going well:  he started remodeling the laundry room and is out there All Day…I visit him there and remind him that he’s supposed to be home by 3:30.

Today was our first snow, a kind of wimpy snow, and I love having Casey here with me.  It seriously brightens my whole outlook knowing there’s somebody else here.  The birds, my reliable winter companions, keep me entertained and now there’s 2 of us to watch them flit around, devouring our seed and suet.

I’m busy planning trips, especially the Kick-Off of  the “When I’m 64 Tour” beginning in February.  Looking forward to milder temps, for sure, but for now the snow and cold are feeling warm…


2 thoughts on “2017 at 5-days-old

  1. Absolutely love your “gift of gab” Your blogs are entertaining. Congrats to Mike on his retirement. How sweet it is. I have adjusted quickly in just 6 months. The Corp that you and I worked for makes it very easy to adjust, if you get my drift. I know how you and Mike like to “get away” so I am happy you can do that more often now. Happy new year to the 2 of you. I wish you peace and happiness for years to come.


    1. Thank-you, Leeann! I truly appreciate your kind words and value our friendship. So true about the Corp! I never looked back. Casey actually Loved his job, though, but realized that life is pretty short so we can’t put off our dreams. After we do a couple of years of travel, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to work! Not me, sister!! Peace to you, too..!


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