Christmas Cards

I just got the Christmas cards mailed out.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably not on the ever-shrinking List.

Funny how the Christmas card went out of style.   Thanks to social media, we have every chance to wish our friends a merry season without the Work of signing, addressing, and mailing.  I miss getting cards, but I’m quite happy that my list has been whittled down to Old Relatives and People-who-send-me-a-card.

I spent the last hour or so down the rabbit hole of googling animated christmas cards, leading to watching Youtube Christmas videos, and trying to decide which of my options would best express what I want to tell you in a bloggy christmas card.  The Charlie Brown videos are a whole other blog post; Jibjab cards cost actual money;  the greeting cards were especially corny.

So I decided to let Steve Martin express my *Holiday wishes for you…(well, sorta for you, kinda for Me)…

*for you young’uns who are of an inappropriate age to be viewing this video, I think he meant to say “origami”


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