Happy Birthday, dear Husband…

He’s 62-years-old today, still younger (and skinnier) than me.  Since the moment I set eyes on him, walking into my ex-husband’s basement apartment in 1977, I had a feeling…  He is a naturally good person, something rare these days, and has a penchant for being a Hero.    We were made for each other, me being a person who struggles to be good and very much in need of a Hero…  We have evolved into a very powerful Us…

December 16th will be his last day with INDOT—44 years of service to the Master State.  Like the good person he is, he actually Likes his job and in some ways hates to leave, but…   He wants to take the time to enjoy the fruits of his labor while we’re both feeling well.    I’m certainly all for that!  I hope, though, that we have many, many more years of feeling good, lots and lots more birthdays, and minute-after-minute of Peace.

So tip a cup of kindness, then,  to Michael Ray Casey, my Hero Husband and just general all-round Nice Guy…


One thought on “Happy Birthday, dear Husband…

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