A day at the races…

Even though it was Thanksgiving, we didn’t buy the buffet tickets at Churchill Downs because we would have had to get up and out of here too early to suit us.  Instead, we lazied around and watched the Parade before we drove over to Louisville, arriving in time for the 7th of 12 races.  I made some of my trademark $2 show bets first, then grabbed some excellent BBQ from Smoky’s in the Cafe Court.   The crowds were sparse, so there was plenty of room in our box to spread out and chow down while I watched my horses fight it out for 3rd…only one made it, but it was the one with the longer odds…


Bellies full, we wandered back downstairs to get some drinks, make some bets, and take some pictures.  I love the Grey Goose Lily cocktail that comes in a souvenir glass with discounted refills…try it if you’re ever at Churchill.  I forked over another 80cents on wagers, then it was out to the paddock area—but we just missed the horses going out to the track.  Kentucky loves horse sculptures and they do it well…check out the life-size statue of Pat Day in the background…


Then we went trackside…

I didn’t know I was doing this, but I got shots of the gates closed, then jut as they opened…kinda cool…



It was a 1 1/8 mile race…here’s the field starting..


and here they are streaking for the finish…(my horse, Bird Song,  eeked it out to win)…


We stuck around for just one more drink and race, then cashed in my $6.40 winnings and drove home…

This could get to be a Thanksgiving tradition…  Hope you had fun, too!



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