Holidays are Upon Us



For those of us whose families are either scattered or estranged, it’s a real bummer to watch the Rockwell tableau around the turkey, but I soldier on.

 This year we’re going to watch the horses run at Churchill Downs.  The gates open at 10am, first race is at 11:30, and they’re serving up a Thanksgiving Day menu all day.  Louisville is only 90 minutes away, but an hour ahead, so we’ll miss most of the Parade…   I love the Parade, have seen it in person a couple of times, but it’s not as fun when you’re alone…feelin’ sorry for me yet?


Where, you ask, are my children?  The Jrs. spend the day with my daughter-in-law’s grandmother who is up in her 80’s now, so has clear seniority.  Melissa and her family have committed to Thanksgiving at Oireachtas in Philadelphia, an annual Irish Dance contest, which does Not have seniority, but that’s okay.

Once we make it past Turkey Day,  it’s time to haul out the holly and drag out the decorations for Christmas.  We’re going to kick the Season off on Saturday with Breakfast with Santa and dancers from Nutcracker at Gattitown.   Santa is going to read them a story and there should be plenty of photo ops.  Samantha (21-months-old) is a hoot and I’m curious to see how she reacts to the Jolly Man.

I’ll have my camera ready for all of the Holiday Action and will report in as events unfold!

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