Perfect Weather for Camping


We went up to Harmonie State Park last Friday, staying until Monday.  The last time we were up there was our first outing with the Trailer back in April.  We were so excited to take to the road that we didn’t care that the weather was awful—high winds, rain, cold.  It was a pretty dull affair by most standards, but we tried the heater, the microwave, and the toilet, figured storage options, and started planning our Trips.   With four more trips under our belt, we felt like Seasoned Trippers as we set up camp.  This is a park that we are verrry familiar with.  We have camped there at least once a year since we bought our first camper back in 1989.  After we sold the Old Viking, we would tent-camp with the van and it became our go-to spot to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We were up there just last year with the pop-up (and Olivia) and that’s where we decided to go whole whog and buy a travel trailer.

The weather (as you can see) was perfect.   Saturday morning we got up and went for a hike, starting with flannel shirts, but soon dropping off to tee shirts.  I didn’t take my camera, but we did have binoculars to spot birds.  Sunset found us on the banks of the Wabash River.


Olivia marched in the Fall Festival Parade with her dance school, so the Jrs. were busy on Saturday.  They came up for lunch on Sunday, and to play…

Michael, Jessica, and Samantha went on home after some hot dogs for supper (yes, I said supper) and left Olivia with us.  We rode bicycles and roasted some more dogs.  She always takes the bedroom, so she settled down early with her tablets and a movie.

On our last trip, the stormy weather had precluded any TV or cellphone reception (there is no internet connection there), so I had Thought that I would be getting off the grid, taking a nice break from Anxiety-producing News.  Alas!  We usually had 2 bars on the cell, and the TV reception was perfect for our local network outlets…  We kept the TV off, though, so I didn’t realize there was a shit-storm the size of Matthew roaring through until Saturday afternoon, when I got sucked back into the “what the hell” that is our current political clime.  I did my best to keep my eyes and mind averted, but by Sunday night there I was in my comfy chair, clutching the remote and watching the debate.  Damn.  I guess there’s no place to hide…

But I’ll keep trying.

The next morning, we tore down camp and went for a quick around-the-pond hike as we left…

Peace, dear Readers.

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