Camp compendium

It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks of Camp Sonnystone…make-it-and-bake-it, painting canvasses and birdhouses, tie-dying, music, and baking cookie-pops.  After we finished up all of our crafts, we visited the zoo and the museum, played mini-golf, and learned how to bet the horses at Ellis Park.  …  Here’s a look back…

At the Zoo…

Cookie Pops


Singing and Dancing…

Every year we make a sign with our handprints on it…actually, not mine…  Last year we used Samantha’s footprint, but this year she thinks she’s a Big Girl, so we had her dip her hand in paint just like the Big Girls Do…

Our Theme this year was Dream.  Our motto was “If you can dream it, you can do it” (Walt Disney).  The new sign joined the other years’ efforts:  Peace, Love, and Joy.

Our Theme song is always the Camp Sonnystone Welcome Song, but we added a couple of new ones:  When you Wish Upon a Star, accompanied by piano.  From our handy-dandy YouTube, we added a couple of songs that required creative choreography:  Hall of Fame (The Script), and Try Everything (Shakira).

I love sharing Music and Dancing with the Kids.  Keeps me young… Except I threw my back out on Friday and am spending a bit of time each day with my heating pad and some ibuprofen…

Dance on, Friends….

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