Weekly Wrap-up

Emma, Eliza, and I flew back from NYC on Tuesday on an uneventful flight into Louisville.  We hit the ground running and had both Olivia and Samantha spend the night and stayed the day on Wednesday.  Samantha was very good, sleeping until about 4am, then going right back to sleep when I picked her up and held her next to me.  Ah, the joys of grand-parenting.  She just wants to do everything the big girls do and the big girls are having a lot of fun just being together.

We celebrated Eliza’s half-birthday (5.5) on Wednesday…

I’m hating this heat.  Though it seems as if I’m a bundle of energy, I’m really dragging around.  And the mosquitoes!  Damn them!  Emma’s legs look like a skin disease.  I win the bite count, but she reacts very dramatically, welping and swelling.  All 3 of the big girls have enjoyed the pool, and I think the chemicals keep down her itching.

Scenes from the girls’ choreographed Pool Show:  

We’re rolling out to Lake Rudolph for some camping and a visit to Holiday World.  The weather is supposed to suck, continued heat and increased chance of thunderstorms, but hey, the kids are excited, so we’re sure to have fun.  They’ve helped get the Coach packed and now are singing and dancing to “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”…

Happiness is… grandchildren…

Stay cool, friends…


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