Traveling Shoes

I’ll be arriving in NYC at 5pm or so today, staying until the 19th.  We will be seeing the Rockettes Summer Spectacular on Wednesday, and enjoying a feis or two over the week-end.  We’ll fill in the time with strolling the sidewalks, just being together.  The girls will be returning to Sonnystone with me to stay about a month.  I’m verrry excited.

As usual, I’ve been angsty all day, trying to decide how many pairs of shoes to take.  Thanks to my new Mary Poppins bag, I can fit in the whole lot of them….but I won’t.  I’ve never spent much summer-time in NYC, so I’m sort of suspicious that my wardrobe is so light.  Am I forgetting something?  Oh, well, I’ve heard they have a few shops in Manhattan.

I’ll try to do some live reporting while I’m there.     Peace…

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