Week-End Wrap-Up..

I was exhilarated when I woke up to a wet, rainy world this morning!  Last week was hot as hell and every day the weather center warned us of the dangerously high heat indices—all above 100-104.  I think I’ve complained about my excessive sweating before, haven’t I?  As we made our way through the week’s activities, I sweat through a plethora of wardrobe items and sweatbands.  It didn’t stop me, but I’m definitely ready for some rainy days…  Imagine my consternation when I opened up my blinds to see my butterfly bushes had completely fallen on their sides, nearly uprooted.  So instead of watering this a.m., I’ve been fighting the shrubbery, pushing them upright until I can figure out the final cure.  >sigh<

After picking Olivia up from VBS on Friday, we enjoyed the activities at the Shrine Fest…

The Ultimate Air Dogs:

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Fun for the kids…

The Air Show…

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On Saturday, Casey and I opted for the more tame, but no-less-hot, New Harmony Arts Fest.  It was teeny, but the music was terrific…

Sunday I was out at Mesker Park Zoo, doing my MG thing, when I ran into my old nursing-school buddy, Vicki Roberts.  Silly old us, we failed to get a selfie to prove it, but we Will (honestly) get together as soon as we can and talk, talk, talk.  It was the highlight of a great week-end, but you’ll just have to take my word for it!!

Hope your week is full of Peace, Love, and Friends..!


2 thoughts on “Week-End Wrap-Up..

  1. zipcoffelt

    Rain, yes!! We had an inch and a half. Like you, I have to change two or three times a day when I’m in the garden. I might as well turn the hose on myself to stay cool – sometimes I do! Enjoy a cooler week!

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