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We pulled the Coach down to Big Lagoon State Park in Perdido Key, Fl.

First morning, sitting outside, I felt a sting.  Two of them.  Yeow, and it was done:  a spider bit me.  One Spider, two bites, one on each foot.  I didn’t actually see the spider, but the painful bulls-eyes were clear confirmation of my suspicion.  First Aid kit was brought out, allergy pill was taken and we set off down to the beach at Perdido Key.

We staggered around the beach all day, so happy to be away from the gloomy drear that we’d left in Eville.

Late that night, I awoke to severe pain, reallyreally bad stinging, from both my feet.  They had swelled quite impressively, so ice was applied, ibuprofen was administered.  The next day, we went over to the nearby CVS and picked up some benadryl cream and bandages.  After talking to some locals, we surmised that it was not a local spider that had offended me.  The only biting spiders in that area are Wolf Spiders.  Since this was clearly a brown recluse, diagnosed by me and I’ve seen plenty of them, we must have brought it down on our sisal rug and it struck when it thought I was going to step on it.

I spent that day with my feet propped, watching the birds and such at the campsite…


I was able to get a shoe on that evening and hobble over to a sunset-watching spot…

DSC_0085 (1)

By taking my own advice and slowing down for a day, I was tremendously better by the next morning’s sunrise and could hike over to the observation tower to catch the show…

The wound is still ugly, but exponentially better. Aren’t you glad I didn’t take any pictures of it?  It looked pretty fierce for a while..

It was such a relaxing trip.  And the sunshine was sorely needed.

I’m finishing up the garden–planted a dozen bell pepper plants today and got the beans and squash in yesterday.  I’ll be blogging that over at Growing Every Season later this week.

Hope the sun is shining where you Are!



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