Visiting with the NYC kids…

Just returned from a visit with my daughter, her daughters, and the Admirable husband and father in the group, Rockstar son-in-law.

Friday was Grandparents Day in Eliza’s pre-K 4 class.  We were fed good coffee and pastries, then escorted to the kids’ classrooms, where we listened to a story and sat at their little tables making mudpie sundaes.  Her teacher is a gem and the level of love exuding from all us grandparents was to the sky.  One little boy didn’t have a grandparent present, so I “adopted” him.

DSC_0017 (1)

It poured down rain that day, but when I left the school around 10:30am, I was filled with sunshine.  Quick stop at a diner for some coffee, then I put the umbrella back up walked down to the new Met Breuer, formerly the Whitney.  I really want to see the new Whitney–I’ve seen the outside–but that’s for another trip.  I’ll be sharing pictures of the exhibits over at MadWoman soon.

That evening, Emma and her 1st through 8th grade schoolmates put on a beautiful concert, and they all did a wonderful job.

Emma is far left, second row; 3&4 grades, I think…

Saturday morning we went to a Feis in, where was I?  Somewhere in the Catskills, from what I’m told.  A Feis is an Irish Dancing Competition and my oldest grand-daughter competes nearly every week-end.  She loves it and is very good.  Like any sport, there are rules of advancement that I have been told several times, but don’t actually retain it.  I only know she’s moving forward with every Feis.  The competitions are held in various venues–hotels, outside, school gyms.  This one was held in a school gym, what I call a “bleacher Feis”.  I just can’t get these old (short) legs up and down bleachers well, so they are not my favorite.  I managed to secure a spot on a bottom bleacher near the dancers and got some great shots…or I think so…

5 First-Place, 1 Second-Place Trophies…

After returning from the Feis, we put our hats on, broke out the bourbon, and watched the Derby.  I’m proud to say that I made 80 cents!!  If you know me, I call breaking even “winning”…



Oh, there’s more:  Mothers Day! Church! Luncheon at DBGB!  A stroll through The Strand bookstore! A massage!

But, that’s about enough for now.  I’m back home now, obviously, and the cupboard is bare.  Hope your days are as full of as much love as you can stand.!!

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