Week-end Wrap-up

We watched Samantha on Friday while her m & d went to the movie…   She’s 14 months old now..

Grandparenting is simply Joy…


As if that weren’t enough excitement, my old-friend-from-grade-school, MeeMaw Tweet-Tweet (aka Luann Bird) was here to visit her mom, so she stopped by with her daughter and grandson…  I wish she could have stayed longer, but maybe I’ll get another glimpse of her tomorrow before she flies back to Portland…

I’m cleaning up the gardens and planting containers, amending the soil, and gathering the vegetables for the edible garden.  I’ll show you some pictures next week… Oh, and did you notice I got my hair cut?  Seriously cut.  It is perfect for easy clean-up after a day getting dirty/sweaty in the garden…

Hope your week-end has been full of fun..!

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