the Horses…

Kentucky Horse Park is a working horse farm and “educational theme park” that gives you opportunities to get up close to the horses.  The International Museum of the Horse traces the evolution and lineage of horses–every kind of horse there is.  If it hadn’t been such a pretty day, I could have spent more hours studying the displays, but we went through fairly thoroughly and then got outside to enjoy the grounds.


There was Every Kind of Horse represented at the Farm, most of them on loan, but some retirees live there year-round.  The barns buzz with activity.  The Park grounds are sprinkled with statuary of the magnificent equus, some giving tribute to the Great Thoroughbreds such as Man O’ War, others whimsical.

Later that day, we stopped by Keeneland Thoroughbred Racecourse, arriving at the end of the 3rd race.  Keeneland is always packed, and reserve seat tickets had sold out by the time we decided to visit, so we mingled and strolled, watching some from trackside…DSC_0131


some from the turbo…which should be a whole lot bigger…


I made a couple of bets…this is Cory Lanerie on #11, racing to the finish to win me a couple of bucks…


#7 and jockey Brian Hernandez, Jr. added to my coffers in the 5th…

The giftshop was festooned with hats, tempting even the most frugal buyer…the Derby is the first Sunday in May—less than 3 weeks…and I’ll be in NYC–a hat-wearing, mint-julep carrying, winner-betting, JoJo, finally getting to spend some time with the Jose’ Fam…

It was a great trip and we learned plenty about our RV, too.  Looking forward to many more trips, but for now…back to the garden..!




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