Introducing The Coach…

Last week’s circumstances left me somewhat disoriented and a whole lot exhausted.  By the time I had caught my breath, we were doing a walk-around the Coach, writing the check, and pulling it home.  Spontaneous little devils that we are, we loaded up a few things and took it up to Harmonie.  We learned a lot:  how to level it, that the furnace works great, not all Harmonie sites have water hook-ups, they don’t fill your water tanks before you leave the buying-place, and winds that gust to 60mph make you rock even though the Coach doesn’t actually move.  We stayed Friday and Saturday, then brought it home and set it up outside…


The Jrs. came by to inspect…

I’ve seen my doctor and dentist this week, and though they are fine people, that’s enough of them for a while.  Casey has worked overtime and will have tomorrow off, but we need to stay home and mow the dang lawn…and fix the car.  Turns out, it is something Casey can fix–a thermostat–so we’ll be ready to roll about the same time as the weather decides to warm up.  Yay!

I always pick up Olivia from school on Thursdays, take her to her piano lesson and back home (with a little treat, of course).  Generally, we head out to Hacienda to nurse some margaritas and munch, and that’s what’s on the agenda for tonight.

Hang in there, it Really is Spring..!

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