The rest of the story…

Here’s a recap of my FB posts 3/29/16…
Jo Mayne Casey

Tears. I am sitting in my car on the side of I-24, 109 miles from Eville, 39 miles from Nashville, car broken down…I had to cancel my flight to visit with Jose’s. Casey is heading down to rescue me. State Police must have better things to do. .. I’m so sad.

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My Hero, at last… The car barely fits, so it will be a slow ride back home. Probably just a hose, but it sure ruined my plans.

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What a day! Thanks to all my FB friends who sent out enough kind wishes to keep my perspective positive. Now, to devise a scheme to get to NYC asap…

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 So…  I was cruising down 1-24, the gutsy grandma on her way to visit her NYC grand-daughters.  My flight out of Nashville was at 2:15 and I was making good time.  I stopped at our usual Rest Stop at the Kentucky-Tennessee state line, then quickly got back on the road.  I went about 7 miles, back up to speed, when that funny-looking red light starting lighting up my dash and dinging.  Now, we have little dings go off regularly on our dash, nothing serious, usually some sort of computer quirk–it scrolls “lo wash” every day.  So I didn’t know whether I should pay attention to it or not.  I grabbed my phone and called Casey and by the time I got him, it was blinking and dinging and Casey said, pull over, stop the car….  When the engine stopped, I was immediately covered by a fog of steam…
That was the scariest part.  Even though I spent my day trapped in my car on the side of the interstate, everything after that just came together perfectly.  Casey was just finishing up a job and could leave right away.  Our wonderful neighbor let us borrow his car-trailer.  I had a McDonald’s mcmuffin and small drink.  I had just gone to the bathroom, so I was comfortable.  Thank-you, Lord, for cell phones.  I was able to cancel the flight, call my daughter and let her and the girls know.
I sat for 4 hours, on alert, but not afraid.  I did check the woods a couple of times to make sure nobody was gonna sneak up on me.  The trucks and cars racing by kept me rocking, so I felt like I was on a train.  I stayed connected with people through FB and felt like I wasn’t actually alone.
The disappointment really hit this morning when I woke up Here.  I should be There.  Emma and Eliza are on Spring Break and I was going to have them all to myself.  I am just heartbroken.  Melissa told me that a friend of hers has asked them to Sag Harbor, so at least they will have something fun to do, but the only thing better than JoJo is JoJo at Disneyworld…   I’m looking at dates and I’ll get there soon…
But, there’s more…   The problem with my car was some sort of plastic Y that holds hoses—you figured that, huh?  It’s something Casey can fix and he’s going to pick up the part today.  As we were driving home, Casey’s engine light came on….no ding, but the one that says “SERIOUS”.  The vehicle was running fine, so we got it all  home, unloaded the car, ready to take the trailer back to our neighbor.  Casey’s Expedition wouldn’t start.  He cranked it and cranked it and and …  He has no idea what is wrong and it most likely is something he can’t fix, so here comes the mechanic bill…

We are supposed to pick up our RV on Friday. What will happen next?  Stay tuned, but it will all be okay….
P.S.  For some reason, WordPress won’t let me break up this post into paragraphs, so it looks like all one big ramble and not as inviting.  So, if you have read this far, thank-you, You’re a Doll..!

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