Week-end Wrap-up

Daylight Savings Time…is the extra hour at the end of the day worth the total discombobulation of my body?  I just wonder why we fell back in the first place.  I’m sure I love the extra sun, when it’s there, but the time-change thing seems random…

The rains have greened up the lawns and budded up the trees and shrubs.  The daffodils have been in bloom for over a week and the tulips are reaching for the sky.  Peonies are popping up and the daisies and coneflower are stretching out.  I bought a new garden journal and I’m going to keep it going past planting time this year, I promise.

The orchid show is still going on over at the Zoo and I spent both mornings this week-end meeting and greeting the visitors there.  I started back at the Yoga Center today and will be feeling it tomorrow, I’m sure, in a good way.  Like the flowers, my muscles are waking up, too.

Seems like Winter is on its way out, but I know all too well that you can never tell when there will be another snap of cold and even snow.  Still, the birds are starting back North and the home-birds are stirring around for nesting material.

I started a Photo 101 class with WordPress last week.  I’m posting the pictures daily over at the MadWoman site, so if you’ve wondered where I am, look there.  There is a theme and a lesson each day Mon-Fri.  These are my submissions to the prompts of:  Home, Street, Water, Bliss, and Solitude…

Sonnystone Acres 3/7/16
Sonnystone Acres 3/7/16
Franklin Street 3/8/16
Franklin Street 3/8/16
Rainy Day 3/9/16
Rainy Day  3/9/16
Music Room 3/10/16
Music Room   3/10/16
Central Library 3/11/16
Central Library 3/11/16

The Photo class continues for 3 more weeks. I start a Writing class on Thursday. I’ll be working over at the Zoo greenhouse propagating plans for the plant sale on Wednesday.   Seems like I go from Zero to Sixty quickly after the weather breaks.

7 more days until the Spring Equinox!!!  We’re going to make it, I believe.

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