happy birthday, dear mom…

Mom would be 85 today… I have a date with Nu-Nu tomorrow to celebrate all of our birthdays and fight over who pays for lunch… No telling what kind of mischief we’ll get into.

News from Sonnystone Acres

Today would have been my mom’s 82nd birthday.  She died, young and feeling fine, at 71.  Since school was out today, I made a date with one of mom’s oldest, dearest friends to share memories about the lady we still miss…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my early childhood, I spent my first 3 years in Albion, IL, specifically a little house on South Second that I don’t remember.   The family who lived next door (Dick, Mildred, Kenny, Tom and Ricky Dean) were great friends with us in that 1950’s small-town way that cannot be replicated.   I was due to be born on Mildred’s birthday and so she and mom made a deal:  if I was was born on Mil’s birthday, she could name me.  Mildred had always wanted to name a little girl Lou…so she came up with Billie Lou or Bobbie Lou (after my dad).  I was, alas, born just…

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2 thoughts on “happy birthday, dear mom…

  1. Small world – my mom also died a couple of months before turning 71, going from healthy to passed on in a couple of days. In September she would have been 82, so our moms were contemporaries! I know she died the way she wanted to. She was always afraid of ‘lingering’. My thoughts are with you today!

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  2. Thank-you! You probably understand, then, that as I watch my friends take care of their elderly parents, I do and don’t envy them. Mom would have been a hand-full if she had gotten real-old! I know she would have liked to have lived longer, but she, too, dreaded “lingering” , so having only memories of a vital, healthy mom (and grandma) is a true blessing. Still, I wish she were here…


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