Looking back through the Archives, January 2011 saw the birth of my #3 grand-daughter and the death of my Aunt Thelma within a week… The tribute to my auntie and the pictures of the newborn were recorded in January, but there’s this from almost 5 years ago… (use the arrows to go back and read the earlier posts)

The News from Sonnystone Acres

when i was a little girl…many moons ago…i cried very easily. if i got my feelings hurt or got mad or just felt cornered— any little confusion caused me to cry.  i’ve embarrassed myself as an adult with my crying and have worked hard to cover such a blatant show of weakness.  i still cry at baptisms, weddings, taking communion–those sorts of cries–but i haven’t done one of those wracking, sobbing cries in a long time….until today.  i watched via internet my aunt thelma’s funeral service…the montage of pictures with such beautiful music showed young  thelma, uncle aub, linda and her family….linda spoke so sweetly of her mother…i saw my brother for the first time in too long, speaking of aunt thelma’s influence on our lives….and i cried that kind of cry that immediately swells your eyelids and turns your nose red.  it came from deep inside of me and i cried for all the…

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