Looking for the perfect birthday gift?

Yes, it’s my birthday, and I’m grateful, and somewhat amazed, that I’m still going strong.  There have been some rough patches, but my life has been pretty charmed.  I have so much–health, wealth, and wisdom–and I’m stocked up with material goods, as well.

There’s nothing I need, but if you’re looking to show me some love today, would you please consider donating to Eric’s Medical Fund?  He’s got 3 more rounds of chemo to go, and then he’ll be able to grow some white blood cells…and hair.

Thank-you to all who have reached out to help my daughter and her family as they have endured this past year.  We couldn’t have made it without you.  Seriously, we couldn’t have made it without you.  You are the greatest friends ever.

Eric’s Medical Fund

eric and girls


happy birthday, dear mom…

Mom would be 85 today… I have a date with Nu-Nu tomorrow to celebrate all of our birthdays and fight over who pays for lunch… No telling what kind of mischief we’ll get into.

The News from Sonnystone Acres

Today would have been my mom’s 82nd birthday.  She died, young and feeling fine, at 71.  Since school was out today, I made a date with one of mom’s oldest, dearest friends to share memories about the lady we still miss…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my early childhood, I spent my first 3 years in Albion, IL, specifically a little house on South Second that I don’t remember.   The family who lived next door (Dick, Mildred, Kenny, Tom and Ricky Dean) were great friends with us in that 1950’s small-town way that cannot be replicated.   I was due to be born on Mildred’s birthday and so she and mom made a deal:  if I was was born on Mil’s birthday, she could name me.  Mildred had always wanted to name a little girl Lou…so she came up with Billie Lou or Bobbie Lou (after my dad).  I was, alas, born just…

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a good cry

Looking back through the Archives, January 2011 saw the birth of my #3 grand-daughter and the death of my Aunt Thelma within a week… The tribute to my auntie and the pictures of the newborn were recorded in January, but there’s this from almost 5 years ago… (use the arrows to go back and read the earlier posts)

The News from Sonnystone Acres

when i was a little girl…many moons ago…i cried very easily. if i got my feelings hurt or got mad or just felt cornered— any little confusion caused me to cry.  i’ve embarrassed myself as an adult with my crying and have worked hard to cover such a blatant show of weakness.  i still cry at baptisms, weddings, taking communion–those sorts of cries–but i haven’t done one of those wracking, sobbing cries in a long time….until today.  i watched via internet my aunt thelma’s funeral service…the montage of pictures with such beautiful music showed young  thelma, uncle aub, linda and her family….linda spoke so sweetly of her mother…i saw my brother for the first time in too long, speaking of aunt thelma’s influence on our lives….and i cried that kind of cry that immediately swells your eyelids and turns your nose red.  it came from deep inside of me and i cried for all the…

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Let the February Festivities Begin…

I was so glad to rip away the calendar page of January…too much down-time, if ya ask me…

February is my birthday month, and this is the first year I will celebrate with Samantha—she will be 1-year-old the day before I turn 63-years-old.  I like the number 63, especially the fact that it occurs the same year that we celebrate 36 years of marriage, and in 2016, another number evenly divisible by 3.  It seems a sign of magical adventures ahead.

That perky little observance aside, this getting old stuff sucks.

i thought growing old

I seem to sag more every day.  My skin in winter is like a dry sponge and my hair looks like I’ve touched a Van de Graaff generator.   Thank the gods for leggings and long sweaters,  warm scarves and cute hats.  We’ll make the best of it, you can bet.

There’s all kind of upcoming fun:  groundhog day, an antique book show, mardi gras, the orchid show at the Zoo, a play at UE, and all those birthdays.  Who’s up for lunch, out there?  We’ve got that Leap Day to enjoy, so leave me a note and we’ll plan some feasting.

Oh, how do you like my new computer?  Sleek, eh?

Tomorrow, be on the look-out for the MadWoman… she’ll be raving, I’m sure…