Topical Tuesday

It’s been a while since I watched TV news.  Okay, I’ve caught a glimpse of the evening news when we’re waiting for local weather reports, but I do not watch ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, or Fox.   If there is Real Breaking news and I simply must watch, I stick with CNN, but talking heads distract and aggravate me. Still, I’m very up-to-date on happenings because I Read the news from all of the above sources, as well as The Guardian, several news magazines, and Google.

At any rate, Mr. Google knows this.  Mr. Google knows everything about me, finishes my sentences better than my husband can.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I personally like directed ads and help Mr. Facebook to not bother me with crap that I won’t buy, but rather inspire me with a pop-up ad pointed to my needs as calculated by my browsing history.  It’s occasionally embarassing:  “Gas-X is just what the doctor ordered” … but it’s appropro.

In the same way, Google News has watched my news-source choices carefully.  They suggest, daily, headlines Just For Me.  It’s so fun to be special.

Let’s see what Mr. G thinks I need to know today, because if I need to know it, so do you…

Top Headline, suggested for me, 11/10/15:

Janis’s Joy Tops Solid Monday Session of Keeneland November Sale…from The Paulick Report

See?  You thought it was gonna be politicians, but it’s another kind of gamble.  The Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale is where big money passes hands.  You can often buy a thoroughbred after a claiming race at any given track on any given day, but this sale is where the winners are bought and sold.  It’s a 12-day sale, yesterday was the 8th day, and so far Keeneland has sold 1,715 horses for a cumulative $205, 177,000, up 11.3% from last year.  The median price went up $1000 to $52,000.   Janis’s Joye (a 6-years-old stakes-placer) sold for $170,000, a bargain…

Scenics, 2011 Keeneland November Sale
Scenics, 2011 Keeneland November Sale

Headline #2

Target and Macy’s Again Opening at 6pm Thanksgiving Day…from USA Today

Geesh, I feel sorry for the people who work there.  But really, if you don’t follow football, what else is there to do after the parade and the meal?  I would suggest a bar, as they have always opened by 6pm…  I love to shop, though, wielding my coupons like weapons, smugly snapping up bargains like a squirrel at the bird-feeder.  I Do Not like fighting other people for my deals.  I won’t be there…


Headline #3

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s “Bright Star” to Play Broadway’s Cort Theatre…viaTheatreMania

Bright Star, a new musical by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, will open on Broadway at the Cort Theatre on March 24, producer Joey Parnes announced. The production, which is directed by Tony Award winner Walter Bobbie, will begin previews on February 25.

Inspired by Brickell and Martin’s Grammy-winning album, Love Has Come for You, the musical follows a young soldier who is just home from World War II. With the editor of a Southern literary journal, he discovers a secret that changes their lives. The production had its world premiere run at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre in 2014.

I love Steve Martin, not too sure about Edie Brickell since she battered her short, old-man husband.  Really, These previews tickets would be a great birthday present, hint-hint…


So that’s what Mr. Google suggested this morning:  horse races, shopping, and Broadway plays.  So much better than the stories fed to the herd, don’t you think?  Not even a mention of a debate, heh-heh-heh…

Peace Out.

2 thoughts on “Topical Tuesday

  1. zipcoffelt

    Had to giggle about this one. My mailbox is full of political ads from Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump and Mr. Carson. Wonder why cousin Hillary hasn’t called…? So anyway, love your inbox better than mine!!


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