Status: Enduring the Bleak Part

This is not the re-boot that I was speaking of, but I just thought those of you who regularly follow my blog might want to know how things are going with my daughter and her family.  I have reblogged her latest blog post, but if you’d like to read the whole story, click up there on “my daughter’s blog/ Eric’s medical fund)  .  Thanks immensely if you can make a contribution…prayer is always welcome.


this is not a eulogy

If every story (as it should) has an arc, we appear to have arrived at the part of the plot occupied by pain, misfortune, uncertainty, bleak misfortune, and improbable laughter and joy delivered at the hands of plucky and wise children.

We’re living through the hard part, friends.

Eric’s foot isn’t healing well. Six weeks of bed rest haven’t cured that big crater in the top of the foot. At last week’s visit, the docs openly mulled a few options: skin grafting, wound vac (ruled out because of the nature of his cancer), and further amputation. None of these would get him back to chemo any faster, which was also a huge concern (it had been two months since his last treatment). So…even acknowledging the risks on healing presented by the chemo, they decided that the most pressing issue was to get back there. Bear completed his 9th round of chemo last…

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