There’s so much to do!  I’m so busy!  (You’ve probably heard retirees say those things before—but it’s true.)  Seems like every day I’m finding new projects from the attic (things I’d picked up at rummage sales and forgotten about)  or the garden shed (old windows and doors that I’ve been meaning to do something with).   I cook!  I clean!  I read!  I write!  I’m growing a fu-manchu!


But it’s time to put some routine in the rhythm and get back to regular blogging.  I have a plan to re-boot the Acres and Gardens, adding some weekly and monthly topics.  I’m working on alliterating the days: mundane Monday, twofer Tuesdays, weak Wednesdays?…you can see where I’m going.


While I’m working on that—no deadlines, no pressure—ya’ll better not forget me.  I’ll be thinking of you, too, and hoping you’re having a good time…