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A tantalizing post…

In Autumn at Sonnystone Acres on October 23, 2015 at 7:35 am

There’s so much to do!  I’m so busy!  (You’ve probably heard retirees say those things before—but it’s true.)  Seems like every day I’m finding new projects from the attic (things I’d picked up at rummage sales and forgotten about)  or the garden shed (old windows and doors that I’ve been meaning to do something with).   I cook!  I clean!  I read!  I write!  I’m growing a fu-manchu!


But it’s time to put some routine in the rhythm and get back to regular blogging.  I have a plan to re-boot the Acres and Gardens, adding some weekly and monthly topics.  I’m working on alliterating the days: mundane Monday, twofer Tuesdays, weak Wednesdays?…you can see where I’m going.


While I’m working on that—no deadlines, no pressure—ya’ll better not forget me.  I’ll be thinking of you, too, and hoping you’re having a good time…


Week-end Wrap-up

In Autumn at Sonnystone Acres on October 18, 2015 at 11:11 am

Just as the temperatures decided to plummet into the frost and freeze numbers, we went camping with Olivia.  We started to re-schedule when the weather alerts popped up, but Olivia’s schedule didn’t allow it.  Besides, she was pumped for “my first-time ever camping out”.   We drove up Friday after she got out of school.  The temp only got down to 36 on Friday and she did very well, bundled with hat, scarf, and gloves.  Jo-Jo, however, was not game for a second night with predicted lows of 31…

It’s been so dry that the leaves are slow to turn, but there was still enough orange, red, and yellow to paint the trees warmly for a lovely morning walk down the path near our campsite.




She loved the whole campground, playing at the playground and making a bat-craft at the Nature Center.


We met up with the rest of the Jr. family at a chili-cook-off in New Harmony.  While none of the chili was as good as I make it, our bellies were full by the time was made our way around the tasting stations.

Keeping the theme of “nature”, Samantha had her first experience of “grass”…  Check out her sweet scruchy smile…




Casey has a ton of walking sticks and had brought one along for her, but Olivia was keen to have her own.  Sure enough, PawPaw spotted a good one at the top of the trail, so they went back after the hike and got it.  He sawed the ends, and it is ready for a million more hikes…

Sisters with walking stick…

I am ready for a better camper now…  When you hang out at the campground, walking amongst the 3-figure RV’s, you just wanna…  We had a bit of trouble setting up, which has never happened before.  It seemed like a Sign…  Still, our campsite was so homey…


Back at Sonnystone, we’re finishing up the garden and stacking the wood-pile, chowing on soup and the last of the tomatoes and arugula.  Hope you’re enjoying yourself, as well.

Letter to the EE’s

In Autumn at Sonnystone Acres, updates on October 11, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Dear  Emma and Eliza,

Hi!  How are you doing?  How’s school?  I’ve been watching you on Instagram, so I can see that you are both getting prettier every day.  I hope you are also behaving and being a help around the house, picking up after yourself and waking up cheerfully in the mornings.

I miss you guys.  Sonnystone looks a lot different since the season changed from Summer to Autumn.  The pool is down and I have harvested a lot of green beans, green peppers, and tomatoes.  Emma, I have been practicing saying “ar-u-guhla” instead of “ar-u-gyula” as I munch on my crop of thusly-named greens. I wish I could share…

There are a lot of flowers that are just now blooming—a monster bush of pineapple sage, and the morning glories have vined so far up the chimney that they are nearly touching the sky…


We have been seeing a lot of hummingbirds feeding on both the sage flowers and the feeders.

PawPaw took last week off work and we have been busy in the yard.  All the mosquitoes and chiggers are gone and the weather has been perfect.  We put in some new holly bushes and added a dwarf Alberta spruce on the side of the house.  I have a great idea to decorate the little tree at Christmas, all of us together.


I moved furniture upstairs and made some curtains.  There’s plenty of room for dancing now…


Oh, PawPaw says, “Hi!”


And Wink says, “Hey”…


I have to go and make some supper now.  I just wanted to tell you both how great you are and how much you are loved: You are both great and loved immensely.  Keep smiling and be kind…

Love, Hugs, Kisses, Peace, Joy, Forever and ever…


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