Back home again….

I’m back sooner than expected, but feeling confident that the Jose’ fam is okay.  The girls are back in school a full day now, Melissa is temporarily off work, and many of the nursing challenges should be taken care of by more objective nurses than I.

I never fostered dependence in my children.  I know the thrill of having someone “need” you can be rather addicting and  I credit my nursing career for giving me all of that little high as I could stand.  I let my kids know when they went off to college that the cord between us would be loosening,  but never severing; no longer a tether, but rather a bond of love flowing between us;  an affinity we can always rely on to bring us together.  That’s the way it is with us.

And the best part of coming home is my new kitchen faucet.  Well, that and the tomatoes…  and the Arugula…   Green beans?   How about that squash-blossom?   or maybe…

swinging on the front porch, just being here now…   DSC_0019

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