Lost and Found…

I arrived here in NYC last Tuesday, happy as a little bean to see the E’s again and ready to play super jo-jo.  Their first day of school was Wednesday–Emma started 4th grade and Eliza is in pre-K 4.  Eric’s surgery is scheduled for 9/16 and I know I’ll be needed then, but for now he and Melissa have it all under control.  Eric gave me a short, but efficient, tutorial on using the subway that turned into a nice trip to midtown, along with Eliza, to visit the MoMA.  I love art museums.

moma basquiat

On Friday, I decided to take a day and wander around Central Park.  I actually had a plan to visit a Buddhist Temple that I thought was off Central Park West, so I just cut straight through to the west side at 86th or so.  On the way over, I stopped at the Belvedere Castle, climbing to the top to take some shots with my little samsung camera…(I am so accustomed to using a view finder on my Nikon that I am just bad with LCD screens.  Shooting on a sunny day, I just click hopefully…)

I proceeded over to Central Park West and up into the 90’s before I finally thought to check the address of my destination….it was on East 72nd…  Oh, well, I thought, I’ll just go on back into the park and have some refreshment at the boat house.

think that I went back into the park in the 90’s, but…  I wandered and walked, squinting for a sign of familiarity….well, I got it…  I ended up back at Belvedere Castle and Cleopatra’s needle again.  That’s okay right? After all, it’s a beautiful, (though slightly humid) day, .  The sound of saxophones wafting through the air kept me moving forward in the general direction I thought I should be going.  When I passed the saxophone player the second time, I was using all of my Be Here Now to overcome the pain from the blisters were that growing on my feet.  I tried google maps—god only knows where it was telling me to go.  Now really, I’ve been in the park probably 3-dozen times in the last decade, so I was a little stubborn, believing that I know how to navigate it…  Indeed, I do…

Finally….after running around the same old ground, I began to see some boats…


Just a little more squinting, and there it was…


Thank-you so very much….I stumbled my blistery feet to the bar…





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