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Back home again….

In updates on September 23, 2015 at 10:39 am

I’m back sooner than expected, but feeling confident that the Jose’ fam is okay.  The girls are back in school a full day now, Melissa is temporarily off work, and many of the nursing challenges should be taken care of by more objective nurses than I.

I never fostered dependence in my children.  I know the thrill of having someone “need” you can be rather addicting and  I credit my nursing career for giving me all of that little high as I could stand.  I let my kids know when they went off to college that the cord between us would be loosening,  but never severing; no longer a tether, but rather a bond of love flowing between us;  an affinity we can always rely on to bring us together.  That’s the way it is with us.

And the best part of coming home is my new kitchen faucet.  Well, that and the tomatoes…  and the Arugula…   Green beans?   How about that squash-blossom?   or maybe…

swinging on the front porch, just being here now…   DSC_0019

In the middle

In Special Edition on September 16, 2015 at 5:56 am

The surgery is today, right now…

From the moment we received the diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma, we winced the most at the thought of removing the site of the cancer’s origin:  his 3rd and 4th metatarsals, left foot.  If anyone can overcome a deficit, it’s Eric;  he’s strong, athletic, centered physically.  The idea of receiving IV poison every 3 weeks wasn’t nearly as bad as losing most, if not all, of his foot.  As the chemo did its job reducing the size of the tumor, there was a small, glimmer of wishful hope that maybe this would not have to happen.

Of course it does, though.  The marrow is the place where the gene-switching started.  The tumor has eroded those those rays and the surrounding tissue like pacman eating ghosts.  That shit’s gotta go.

He’ll be fine, he’ll do well, he’s a champ…easy stuff to say, but the tears are real and the cycle of grief is unrelenting.  We just want to get it over with now.  He’ll be in the hospital for 5-7 days, stay on crutches for a little while, and continue his chemo, even.  He can possibly return to work, on the crutches, in 3 weeks.

I’m taking the girls to school and proceeding on over to Memorial Sloan-Kettering to sit with Melissa.  Nothing like a hospital experience to bond a mother and daughter, eh?  Well, we didn’t really need it.  Melissa and I have always been incredibly close, despite the miles between our homes.  We have weathered many losses, many pains, and many surgeries together.  No, we didn’t need this at all.

Dear friends, maybe you know lots of people with cancer and you faithfully share all the memes that curse the damn shit.  But I pray, for you, that you never have to watch someone you love go through this, while you stand by helpless and afraid.   I also understand if you have watched a loved one suffer through this and the mere mention of the big C makes you run and hide.  I thank you for any little prayer you can send.  I’m not ashamed to ask, again, for you to contribute to help Emma and Eliza (click on it).


So we move forward, 6 months in, 6 more to go,  grateful for the friends who have reached out to help, thankful for constant Presence, and confident that the healing will be complete.

Lost and Found…

In 2015, Photos, updates on September 14, 2015 at 10:23 pm

I arrived here in NYC last Tuesday, happy as a little bean to see the E’s again and ready to play super jo-jo.  Their first day of school was Wednesday–Emma started 4th grade and Eliza is in pre-K 4.  Eric’s surgery is scheduled for 9/16 and I know I’ll be needed then, but for now he and Melissa have it all under control.  Eric gave me a short, but efficient, tutorial on using the subway that turned into a nice trip to midtown, along with Eliza, to visit the MoMA.  I love art museums.

moma basquiat

On Friday, I decided to take a day and wander around Central Park.  I actually had a plan to visit a Buddhist Temple that I thought was off Central Park West, so I just cut straight through to the west side at 86th or so.  On the way over, I stopped at the Belvedere Castle, climbing to the top to take some shots with my little samsung camera…(I am so accustomed to using a view finder on my Nikon that I am just bad with LCD screens.  Shooting on a sunny day, I just click hopefully…)

I proceeded over to Central Park West and up into the 90’s before I finally thought to check the address of my destination….it was on East 72nd…  Oh, well, I thought, I’ll just go on back into the park and have some refreshment at the boat house.

think that I went back into the park in the 90’s, but…  I wandered and walked, squinting for a sign of familiarity….well, I got it…  I ended up back at Belvedere Castle and Cleopatra’s needle again.  That’s okay right? After all, it’s a beautiful, (though slightly humid) day, .  The sound of saxophones wafting through the air kept me moving forward in the general direction I thought I should be going.  When I passed the saxophone player the second time, I was using all of my Be Here Now to overcome the pain from the blisters were that growing on my feet.  I tried google maps—god only knows where it was telling me to go.  Now really, I’ve been in the park probably 3-dozen times in the last decade, so I was a little stubborn, believing that I know how to navigate it…  Indeed, I do…

Finally….after running around the same old ground, I began to see some boats…


Just a little more squinting, and there it was…


Thank-you so very much….I stumbled my blistery feet to the bar…





Pop-up Progress…

In Pop-up Camper Makeover, Summer at Sonnystone, week-end wrap-up on September 1, 2015 at 10:06 am

We took the pop-up down to Kentucky Dam Village campground, about an hour-and-a-half drive from here.  This is the first time we’ve used the minivan to pull it, so I was leery about going too far….plus, we’re broke and I’m tired.  I needed to just be still, stare at a campfire, bask in the light of the  full (sturgeon? green corn?) moon, and Power Up.  The campground had maybe 2 dozen campsites filled, out of 215, the bathhouses were clean, the hoot owls were hooty, and in the middle of the night there was a long, lonesome sound of a train in the distance…  We hit up some antique stores, drove over to Golden Pond, ate catfish and drank moonshine at a nearby restaurant— just relaxed.  I’m re-reading Eckhart Tolle and Emmet Fox, a very powerful combination for soul-growth…

The new camper arrangement is a real sucess…we put both mattresses at one end and use the other for our stuff.  Don’t the curtains look great?  We got a little bit of rain Sunday morning, so we’ve set it back up in the front yard to get completely dry.  We’ll fold it back down until I return from NYC, probably first of October.  Then, we’ll pull her on down to Bardstown for another stab at the Bourbon Trail.  At least, that’s the plan.

Since I’ll be leaving for NYC on 9/8, I need to harvest a lot of veggies, make some pesto, and other gardening chores.  Michael has a birthday, so we’ll have our usual celebration at Ellis Park this week-end.  Then there’s that pesky packing…  I’m revved and ready to roll…

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