I thought I’d have all the time in the world to write, but Casey and I started a project together and he is a slavemaster…

You may remember that we have a pop-up camper that has been sitting down by our campfire area for several years now.  We have used it for Camp Sleepovers, for SpookWalks, and just for us, but his year we didn’t have time to clean it up for camp.  It is a mildew-y mess, seriously moldy.


Whilst browsing the internets for how-to-eliminate-mold, I discovered that there are plenty of other folks who are remodeling their campers, eager to share their pictures and advice.  What did we do before Pinterest?  I’m bursting with creative ideas and we’re off to a grand start…

We started by re-configuring the floor plan.  It’s a Jayco from the 90’s?, a light 8 ft. so that we can pull it safely with the Caravan.

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Isn’t that fun?  I am so excited that I bought a new sewing machine so I can sew cushion covers and curtains, nothing too elaborate, but clean and comfortable.

We’re hoping we can take her on the road for a week-end before I go back to NYC in September. I’m hatching a plan for her Live Launch, a trip toLexington and the Bourbon Trail in October.    Stay tuned.